University of Konstanz
Graduiertenkolleg / PhD Program
Computer and Information Science

Roman Rädle

Doctoral Student in the PhD program since 01.01.2011.


1. Prof. Dr. Harald Reiterer
2. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Raimund Dachselt (TU Dresden)
3. Prof. Dr. Marc Scholl

organisational data

Room: A615
Tel.: +49 (0)7531 / 88-2868
E-mail: roman.raedle "at"
Other Resources: Personal Page at HCI Workgroup

project description

In my research, I explore the use of proxemics in Human-Computer Interaction to design explicit and implicit interaction with knowledge work environments for literature review, reading & writing, or discussion. I propose the employment of proxemics for different tasks in knowledge work such as navigation in large information spaces (e.g. zooming and panning). To evaluate different designs, I created a physical environment with interactive walls and multi-touch tables alongside displays of various sizes to form a multi-display environment that enables measuring proxemic relationships (e.g. for manipulating a digital viewport according to a user's location and orientation in physical space). The aim of my dissertation is to design and evaluate different navigation concepts for large information spaces that employ Proxemic Interactions.


The following list of publications covers only those, which are or were published during participation at the Graduiertenkolleg / PhD program.

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