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Graduiertenkolleg / PhD Program
Computer and Information Science

Sebastian Mittelstädt

Doctoral Student in the PhD program since 01.08.2011.
Research Master Student in the PhD program since 01.11.2010.


1. Prof. Dr. Daniel Keim

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Room: C201
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project description

The analysis of financial data has always been an important domain for investors and researchers. The main task is to support three decisions: go long (buy), go short (sell) or to stay out and wait. An accurate forecasting of trends is the crucial point for success but not only the trend itself should be considered. Some investors buy shares in foreign currencies. There are cases where the share itself performs favorable but the currency fluctuation depresses the profit. However investments can also benefit from the foreign currency when it comes to win-win situations. But the question is how strong is the impact of currency fluctuations on investments. This project will combine shares with foreign exchange market information. Thus it enables the analyst to see how currencies influence investments and reveal the character of the combination. Dynamic combinations offer great chances for hedge funds, whereas long term investments should follow a steady trend. Considering currency fluctuation, investors will benefit in their forecasting and decisions.


The following list of publications covers only those, which are or were published during participation at the Graduiertenkolleg / PhD program.

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curriculum vitae

Since 08/2011 PhD Student at the University of Konstanz, Germany
2010 - 2011 Master Research Student at the Graduate Program
2009 - 2011 Master Student (Information Engineering) at the University of Konstanz, Germany