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Graduiertenkolleg / PhD Program
Computer and Information Science

Alexander Holupirek

Research Student in the PhD program from 01.01.2006 to 31.07.2006. Associated doctoral student in the PhD program from 01.08.2006 to 17.07.2013.


Prof. Dr. Marc H. Scholl

organisational data

Room: E 225
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project description

DeepFS - Querying the file system

The long term perspective of DeepFS is to find synergies between file system and semi-structured database techniques.

While file systems provide an easy and well-understood interface to the data, they lack important and demanded features like, for example, the ability to query the data.

DeepFS breaks with the long tradition to consider a file merely as a sequences of bytes. It unseals the black-box and lets the classical file hierarchy emerge into the files itself. The consideration of content and structure opens the door for query languages that operate on semi-structured data.

The project is tightly coupled to BaseX, an emerging database for semi-structured data, and Idefix, a block-oriented persistent storage layer for semi-structured data. Currently we are following the concept of a joint storage for both, database and (a user level implementation) of DeepFS.

Finally DeepFS will provide both, proven and stable access to the data leveraging file system techniques and query support for all stored files.


The following list of publications covers only those, which are or were published during participation at the Graduiertenkolleg / PhD program.

Conference Papers

  • Grün, C., Holupirek, A., Kramis, M., Scholl, M., Waldvogel, M., Pushing XPath Accelerator to its limits, First International Workshop on Performance and Evaluation of Data Management Systems (ExpDB06), ACM Press, June 2006, ACM Press. abstract

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