University of Konstanz
Graduiertenkolleg / PhD Program
Computer and Information Science

Dr. Peter Bak

Postdoc in the PhD program since 1.09.2007.
Currently working as Visual Analytics Researcher at IBM Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel.


1. Prof. Dr. D. Keim
2. Prof. Dr. H. Reiterer

organisational data

Room: D 340
Tel.: +49 (0)7531 / 88-4046
E-mail: bak "at"
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project description

In many applications, spatiotemporal data is generated in rapidly growing amounts, and therefore there is a high demand for scalable analysis methods, which allow a systematic analysis and have a sound theoretical basis. Spatiotemporal data, most importantly movement data, involve geographical space, time, and multidimensional attributes and thereby pose significant challenges for the analysis. I developed, together with cooperation partners of the Frauenhofer AIAS / St. Augistin, theoretical foundations for the analysis of spatiotemporal data, which account for possible variations of the essential properties of the data. We thereby identified the generic analysis tasks for different types of movement data and different views of movement. The goal of the research is to develop the appropriate analysis methods, which combine visual, interactive, and algorithmic techniques for a scalable analysis.

I have developed novel visual analytic techniques that allow analysts to assess the spatiotemporal properties of events. In addition this method was sufficiently tested in many application domain relating to spatiotemporal event analysis, such as community contributes space and time referenced data (Flickr and Panoramio Images), ornithological data (transmission of bird flu in the European Union), high resolution traffic data.

As a second research contribution we have developed a analytic methodology that allows the definition and assessment of the spatial correlation of urban configurations, such as land-uses, street-network topology, residential areas, etc. This methodology was successfully applied for understanding socio-demographic changes over time.

research interests


The following list of publications covers only those, which are or were published during participation at the Graduiertenkolleg / PhD program.

Positions paper: Longitudinal evaluation of interactive visualisations and visual search (in progress)

Book Chapters

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Articles in Journals

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Conference Papers


curriculum vitae

since Sept. 2007 Post-Doc as Wissentschaftlicher Mitarbeiter at the University of Konstanz / Germany
2002 - 2007 Phd at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev / Israel
1992 - 2000 Magister der Wirtschaftsinformatik (MA) J.K. University of Linz / Austria