University of Konstanz
Graduiertenkolleg / PhD Program
Computer and Information Science

Summer School 2007



invited speaker


Morning session Chairman: Alexander Holupirek
 Stephan Mantler Challenges and strategies for debugging GPU programs
 Thorsten Dahmen High Accuracy Feature Detection for Camera Calibration: A Multi-steerable Approach
 Hongwei Zheng Integrating Intrinsic and Extrinsic Methods for Spectral 3D Shape Processing and Analysis
 Tilo Ochotta Robust smooth feature extraction from point clouds
 Mauro Ruggeri Bending invariant shape descriptor for point-based models
 Stephan Klinger XQuery and Full-Text — Extending an XQuery Compiler with FT capabilities

Afternoon session Chairman: Hendrik Strobelt
 Peter Bak &
 Jens Gerken
Longitudinal Evaluation Methods in Human-Computer Studies and Visual Analytics
 Werner König Flexible input devices supporting physical exploration
 Andreas Stoffel Recognition of handwritten commutative diagrams
 Svetlana Mansmann OLAP Technology for Business Process Intelligence: Challenges and Solutions

Discussion Round I Dietmar Saupe:
1) Summary report of the GK
2) New DFG Proposal
3) Parallel work groups
Morning session Chairman: Peter Bak
 Johannes Kopf Solid Textures & Gigapixel Images
 Hendrik Strobelt InfoViz 1995-2006: a short summary
 Daniela Oelke Literature Vis - A New Method for Visual Literary Analysis
 Christian Rohrdantz Automatically determining overlap in text classes
 Martin Strauch Analysing neurobiological calcium-imaging data: methods and algorithms

Discussion Round II Dietmar Saupe:
1) Reports of work groups + Discussion
2) Graduate teaching program of the GK: Experiences and perspectives

Afternoon session Chairman: Thorsten Dahmen
 Stephan Mantler Remote sensing technologies for urban and landscape planning
 Christian Grün &
 Alexander Holupirek
BaseX and DeepFS
 Florian Mansmann Graph-based Monitoring of Host Behavior for Network Security