University of Konstanz
Graduiertenkolleg / PhD Program
Computer and Information Science

PhD Program Spring School 2007

date 28.02 - 01.03.2007
location Bregenz, Austria, Hotel Messmer
Wednesday afternoon
 Session chair M. Scholl
Wei WeiIs boundedness of buffers a safety or a liveness property?
Joachim BöttgerWarping maps
Thorsten BüringDesigning zoom interaction for browsing and searching maps on pen-operated devices
Ioan ClejuOptimization of multiple camera calibration using mutual information
Matthias BroghammerTool "ProSIT" (Progressive Scaling and Interaction Tool)
 Advisor's meeting
Thursday morning
 Session chair H. Reiterer
Dietmar SaupeReport on results of advisor's meeting and discussion
Florian MansmannVisual analysis of network traffic for interactive monitoring, detection, and prevention of security threats
Hartmut ZieglerVisual exploration and analysis of financial time series data
Shakeel AhmadError-resilient real-time video transmission using fountain codes
Thursday afternoon
 Session chair M. Berthold
Stefan KlingerXML Datenbanken und Full-Text IR
Vladimir BondarenkoAdaptive weather observations
Nicolas CebronAdaptive active classification of cell assay images
Evghenia StegantovaReport on DFG Workshop "Das Wissen der Forschung - verständlich für Laien"