University of Konstanz
Graduiertenkolleg / PhD Program
Computer and Information Science

PhD Program Spring School 2006

date 07. - 10. March 2006
location Braunwald, Switzerland
invited speakers Prof. Dr. Andreas Zeller   (Saarland University)
Startup session
Andreas ZellerMining Programs  (abstract)
Wei WeiA Region Graph Based Approach to Termination Proofs  (abstract)
Bernd WiswedelKNIME - The Konstanz Information Miner  (abstract)
Nicolas CebronCell Segmentation in Microscope Images  (abstract)
Giuseppe Di FattaDistributed Data Mining  (abstract)
Joachim BöttgerConformal Mappings and Detail in Context  (abstract)
Johannes KopfRecursive Wang Tiles for Real-Time Blue Noise  (abstract)
Boris NeubertImage-based Modelling of Trees  (abstract)
Andreas UrraReal-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games  (abstract)
Stefan KlingerXML Handling Techniques  (abstract)
Alexander HolupirekMelting Pot XML: Implementing File Systems by XML-aware Databases  (abstract)
Andreas ZellerMining Processes  (abstract)
Evghenia StegantovaData Mining for Fault Localization  (abstract)
Daniela OelkeExploration of Sequence Data  (abstract)
Svetlana VinnikFrom Analysis to Exploration: Building Enhanced Visual Hierarchies from OLAP Cubes  (abstract)
Martin HoeferWordSpace - Visual Summary of Text Corpora  (abstract)
Hartmut Ziegler, Tilo NietzschmannFinDEx: A Spectral Visualization System for Analyzing Financial Time Series Data  (abstract)
Henrico DolfingScalable Visualization of Large Temporal Datasets  (abstract)
Christian PichAffiliation Dynamics  (abstract)
Jens Gerken, Thorsten BüringUsability of Overview-Supported Zooming on Small Screens with regard to Individual Differences in Spatial Ability  (abstract)
Martin RöderConstructing Dependency Trees for Rate-Distortion Optimized Media Streaming  (abstract)
Shakeel AhmadOptimal Error Protection of Progressively Compressed 3D Meshes  (abstract)
Vladimir BondarenkoStatistical Approach to Evaluation of Thinning Algorithms used in Assimilation of Meteorological Data  (abstract)
Dietmar SaupeDigital Geometry and Image Processing  (abstract)