University of Konstanz
Graduiertenkolleg / PhD Program
Computer and Information Science

Summer School 2005

This summerschool was carried out jointly with DFG GK 1131 "Visualization of Large and Unstructured Data Sets Applications in Geospatial Planning, Modeling, and Engineering" from Kaiserslautern.



invited speakers

participants from DFG GK 1131


Invited lectureProf. Dr. Ken JoyPart 1
ClusteringNicolas CebronActive semi-supervised clustering - An overview
Bernd WiswedelFuzzy clustering in parallel universes
VisualizationChristoph GarthVisualization of vortex flow structures
Michael SchlemmerPattern-oriented visualization of vector data
Projects 1Thorsten Büring
Vladimir Bondarenko
Joachim Böttger
Enhancing wall-size displays with PDA interaction
Christian Pich
Michael Balzer
Graph drawing and implicit surfaces
Florian Mansmann
Martin Hoefer
With whom do I communicate about what?
Evghenia Stegantova
Giuseppe di Fatta
Data Mining techniques for software debugging
Projects 2Joachim Böttger
Nicolas Cebron
Giuseppe di Fatta
Exploration and visualization of large molecular datasets
Hartmut Ziegler
Barbara Schlieper
Graph distortion algorithms
Shakeel Ahmad
Ioan Cleju
Error Metrics for 3D Models
Svetlana Vinnik
Werner König
Christian Grün
Marion Herb
UniVis Explorer - Data warehouse for visual exploration of academic resources
Invited lectureProf. Dr. Ken JoyPart 2
Graphics 1Ioan ClejuJoint compression of geometry and normals for point-based 3D models
Shakeel AhmadError resilient transmission of 3D models
Graphics 2Johannes KopfRealistic real-time rendering of landscapes using billboard clouds
Joachim BöttgerApplication of conformal mappings for the interactive visualization of complex data
Invited lectureDoz. Dr. Helwig HauserPart 1
FundamentalsTom BobachProblems and perspectives of iterated Sibson-interpolation
Evi WorfNumerical realisation of the Laplace-operator for vectorfields on manifolds
Vladimir BondarenkoSimulations of 3D random fields of atmospheric variables on a 2-Sphere
(Haptic) VRFrank MichelInteractive reconstruction of 3D models for virtual walkthroughs
Torsten BierzGetting in touch with a cognitive character
Invited lectureDoz. Dr. Helwig HauserPart 2
PDA Queries / Rule InductionThorsten BüringZuiScat II - Visual dynamic queries
Thomas GabrielMissing values in fuzzy rule induction
NetworksHartmut ZieglerVisualization of Driving Directions
Martin HoeferAnalysis of incentives in large information sharing networks
SoftwareEvghenia StegantovaData mining techniques for software debugging
Husain AljazzarCounterexamples for stochastic model checking
Wei WeiA scalable incomplete boundedness test for CFSM languages
Closing session