University of Konstanz
Graduiertenkolleg / PhD Program
Computer and Information Science

PhD Program Spring Workshop 2005

date 14. - 16. March 2005
location Waldau, Germany
invited speakers Prof. Dr. Kai Hormann   (TU Clausthal)
Dr. Stephen North   (AT&T Research Lab)
Dr. Michael Rys (Microsoft, Redmond, Washington, USA)
guests Dipl.-Ing. Christian Tominski   (GK Universität Rostock)
Welcome adress
Special practise session on communication and team work
Stephen NorthGraph Drawing
Kai HormannFoundations of surface parameterization  (abstract, pdf)
Mini WorkshopsTrack A: Exploring Large Geographic Data Sets (Keim)
Track B: Graph mining (Brandes)
Micheal RysXQuery and MS SQLServer 2005
Christian TominskiEreignisorientierte Visualisierung
Joachim BöttgerMap projections and the detail in context problem  (abstract)
Christian PichDistance degree sequences for network analysis  (abstract, pdf)
Werner KönigHyperGrid - Accessing Complex Information Spaces  (abstract, pdf)
Shakeel AhmadMulti-Standard Convergence in Mobile Terminals  (abstract, ppt)
Kai HormannApplications of parameterization in computer graphics and surface modelling  (abstract, pdf)
Stephen NorthTop 10 ideas in infovis
Mini WorkshopsTrack A: Model-Visualization (Berthold)
Track B: Multiresolution wavelet representation of spherical functions (Saupe, Hamzaoui)
Jan RittingerPathfinder/MonetDB: A High-Performance Relational Runtime for XQuery  (abstract, pdf)
Svetlana VinnikUNICAP: Efficient Decision Support for Academic Resource and Capacity  (abstract, pdf)
Nicolas CebronAutomatic cell classification using an active learning approach with cluster analysis  (abstract, pdf)
Ioan ClejuProgressive Compression of Point-Sampled Models  (abstract, pdf)