University of Konstanz
Graduiertenkolleg / PhD Program
Computer and Information Science

Summer School 2004

date 14. - 18. Sept. 2004
location St. Vigil, Italy
invited speakers Research Professor Xiaolin Wu   (Polytech University)
Priv. Doz. Dr. Konrad Polthier   (Zuse Institute Berlin)
Dietmar SaupeScope and Function of our Graduiertenkolleg  (pdf)
Oliver DeussenComplex Landscapes: Modelling and Rendering
Harald ReitererDesign Principles for Visual Information Seeking Systems  (pdf)
Xiaolin WuDirectly Operable Image Representation of Multiscale Primal Sketch  (pdf)
Joachim BöttgerModelling highly detailed threedimensional objects
Thomas LuftNon-Photorealistic Real-Time Rendering of Characteristic Faces  (pdf)
Thorsten BüringDesigning Software for Knowledge Workers - Approaches to Search the Media Library Konstanz  (pdf)
Stefan LeueModel Checking, Counterexamples, and Questions Regarding Visualization  (pdf)
Daniel KeimVisuelles Data Mining: Probleme und Anwendungen  (pdf)
Konrad PolthierDiscrete geometry for computer graphics I
Florian MansmannMeasuring ISP Topologies with Rocketfuel  (pdf)
Daniela OelkeSchematische Visualisierung von Verkehrsnetzen  (pdf)
Christian PichSketchy Graph Drawing  (pdf)
Scholl, Deussen, DiFatta  Courses in winter semester 2004/05
Marc SchollDatabase-supported XML: the Pathfinder Project  (pdf)
Raouf HamzaouiScientific writing
Konrad PolthierDiscrete geometry for computer graphics II
Martin RöderSimplification and compression of two dimensional polygonal shapes  (pdf)
Alexandros AltisData assimilation concepts and methods  (pdf)
Svetlana VinnikXPath Accelerator - Managing XML Data on Relational Databases  (pdf)
Jan RittingerEvaluating XQuery expressions with MonetDB  (pdf)
Guiseppe di FattaParallel and Distributed Association Rules Mining  (pdf)
Bernd WiswedelInteractive Exploration of Fuzzy Clusters using Neighborgrams  (pdf)
Martin HöferGame-theoretic analyses of large networks  (pdf)