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Department of Economics

The Department of Economics is one of the leading economics departments in Germany and enjoys an outstanding reputation in teaching and research, both at home and abroad.

With 16 nationally and internationally renowned professors from the fields of economics, business administration, econometrics, statistics, and business and economics education, six junior professors, three assistant professors, over 60 doctoral researchers and a regular inflow of guest professors from reputable universities worldwide, the Department provides an intellectually stimulating and productive study and research environment.

The Department offers six innovative degree courses at all three levels of university education:

Our students receive an academic education in accordance with the highest international quality standards. Aside from compulsory components, which impart the necessary theory and methodology, all degree courses include optional components that enable students to specialise according to their personal academic interests and career aims. All students have the opportunity of complementing their studies with an internship or a stay abroad at one of our partner universities. Our Department is internationally orientated. Students and researchers from all over the world are present. We maintain a broad network of relations with universities in Europe, North America and Asia. Many courses and even entire programmes of study are taught in English. In in our Department students are respected as individuals and receive extensive support in academic and personal matters. We prepare our students for leading positions, for instance, in national and international companies, government departments, international organisations, research institutes and universities. With a degree from the Department of Economics of the University of Konstanz the foundations for a successful career are laid.

Collaborative research in the Department focuses on three main fields: "Financial Market Research", "Public Economics" and "Human Resources and Behavioural Economics".

The research activities of the academic chairs cover a broad range of areas, including: accounting, behavioural and experimental economics, corporate policy, education economics, econometrics, economic and social policy, innovative financial services, international economics, internatonal finance, labour economics, macroeconomics, marketing, microeconomics, personnel and organisational economics, public finance, political economy and statistics.

The Department maintains a long-standing tradition of interdisciplinary research, which is reflected in various research centres and institutes, such as the Centre of Finance and Econometrics (CoFE), the Centre for Psychoeconomics, the Centre of Quantitative Methods and Survey Research (CMS) and the Thurgau Economics Institute (TWI).

The integration of research into teaching is a basic principle of the University of Konstanz. Students are integrated into the current research of the Department by means of research-related courses and project work. As assistants to academic chairs and research projects, students can actively participate in the Department's research.

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