Crime and Culture Crime as a Cultural Problem. The Relevance of Perceptions of Corruption to Crime Prevention. A Comparative Cultural Study in the EU-Accession States Bulgaria and Romania, the EU-Candidate States Turkey and Croatia and the EU-States Germany, Greece and United Kingdom.
An International Research Project within the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission
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University of Tübingen (UTUE)


The Institution

The University of Türbingen is one of the oldest universities in Germany with an excellent reputation in humanities (Jurisprudence, Theology, Philosophy, the Social and Political Sciences) and has developed over the years into a major German research centre. The University combines a strong academic background with various forms of research activities in all fields. It has founded innovative faculties and conducts research in close co-operation with the Max-Planck-Institutes. Computerised text and picture content and sequence analysis is one of the most innovative fields in which the Faculty of Arts is involved. The University’s research administration office has over the years acquired extensive experience in the support of research projects, among others funded by the European Commission.



Dr Dr Konstadinos MARAS , Lecturer, University of Tübingen, Research assistant at the European Centre for Scientific, Ecumenic and Cultural Co-operation


Contact Details

European Centre for Scientific, Ecumenic and Cultural Co-operation

Balthasar-Neumann-Promenade 11

97070 Würzburg


Tel: +49 931 3534801



Current Position

Research assistant at the European Centre for Scientific, Ecumenic and Cultural Co-operation

Lecturer, University of Tübingen, Faculty of Arts


Responsibilities within the Project

Supervision of adherance to established standards in methods for empirical research and data analysis in the work of all project partners, contribution to computer-supported content analysis within the context of the German case study, as well as to the comparative analysis of the findings of all cluster projects (international comparison including evaluation of national programmes and measures for the prevention of corruption), writing research reports, articles, participating in meetings and conferences of the project, disseminating research findings.


Qualification for the Accomplishment of the Task

Within the framework of the project “European Integration and Cultural Patterns of Thought and Perception”, Mr. Maras has gained the knowledge required to carry out the present research activities. Based on the methodological tenants of “grounded theory”, he carried out content analysis of project data in accordance with the code assignment system supplied by the software programme Atlas-ti. This software supported qualitative data analysis has proven to be the most successful research method for the identification of patterns of argumentation und perception within the planned project.


Academic Degrees

1988 – Athens School of Economics, MA in Macro-Economics, Specialization: statistical research

1997 – Tübingen, MA in Philosophy and Modern German Literature

2001 – Tübingen, MA in History of Art

2002 – Tübingen, Ph.D. in Philosophy

2004 – Tübingen, Ph.D. in History of Art


Current Research Projects
  • “European Integration and Cultural Patterns of Thought and Perception. Cultural Aspects of the EU Enlargement Process on the Basis of the Relations between the EU and Turkey supported by the Volkswagen Foundation and coordinated by Dr.Angelos Giannakopoulos (University of Konstanz, Germany). Responsible for content analysis and evaluation of the parliamentary sessions in the European Parliament.
  • “Philhellenism and early Liberalism. The contribution of the Philhellenic movement to the European Integration”. Supervision of research, summary evaluation of the network project analysis.


Publications (selection)
  • Henri Rousseau. The enchantment of realism, artzine. e-journal on art and technology, 1/2001
  • Fetishism in classic modernity. The surrealist example: M. Ray, A. Kertesz, S. Dalí, R. Magritte, artzine. e-journal on art and technology, 2/2001
  • Last pictures and a short phenomenology of abstract art, artzine. e-journal on art and technology, 3/2002
  • Το μνημείο του Ολοκαυτώματος στο Βερολίνο , artzine. e-journal on art and technology, 4/2002
  • Αντόρνο, Νίτσε και το πρόβλημα της μεταφυσικής, Ουτοπία ( Utopia ), 53/2003
  • Book review: Jonathan I. Israel, Radical Enlightenment. Philosophy and the making of modernity 1650-1750, Επιστήμη και Κοινωνία (Science and Society, Journal of Political and Moral Theory) 2/2003
  • Book review: Nancy Fraser/Alex Honneth: Umverteilung oder Anerkennung? Eine politisch-philosophische Kontroverse, Zeitschrift für Philosophische Forschung, 4/2003
  • Η οντολογική αριστερά: Η ουτοπική ύλη του Ernst Bloch , Ουτοπία (Utopia ), 55/2004
  • Die Türkei-Debatte in Europa. Ein Vergleich, Frankfurt 2005 (ed., with Angelos Giannakopoulos)
  • Το δίλημμα του γερμανικού πανεπιστημίου: η ανώτατη παιδεία κοινό αγαθό ή ιδιωτική υπόθεση; Επιστήμη και Κοινωνία, 13(2004) (with Angelos Giannakopoulos )
  • Einstellungen der Fraktionen des Europäischen Parlaments zu einem EU-Beitritt der Türkei, Südost-Europa: Zeitschrift für Gegenwartsforschung Jr. 55, 1(2005) (with Angelos Giannakopoulos)



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