Crime and Culture Crime as a Cultural Problem. The Relevance of Perceptions of Corruption to Crime Prevention. A Comparative Cultural Study in the EU-Accession States Bulgaria and Romania, the EU-Candidate States Turkey and Croatia and the EU-States Germany, Greece and United Kingdom.
An International Research Project within the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission
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Centre for Liberal Strategies (CLS)

Research Institute for Quality of Life (Romanian Academy) (ICCV)

University of Galatasaray (GSU)

University of Zagreb (UZAG)

Center for Research and Policy Making (Affiliated) (CRPM)

University of Konstanz (UKON)

University of Tübingen (UTUE)

Police University, German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg (Affiliated) (FHPOL)

National School of Public Administration and Local Government (NSPALG)

Panteion University Athens (PU)

South East European Studies at Oxford (SEESOX)


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