3rd international symposium on Computational Life Science
October 4-5, 2007 University of Utrecht, The Netherlands


Accepted Papers


Improving Microarray Expressions with Recalibration K. Fraser, Z. Wang, Y. Li, P. Kellam, and X. Liu
On the Measurement of Genetic Interactions E. de Jong, L. Franke, and A. Siebes

Cluster Assisted Mixed effect Models (CAMM) for the identification of differentially expressed genes

P. S. McCormick, P. Murray and R. C. Glen
Consensus gene regulatory networks: combining multiple microarray gene expression datasets E. Peeling and A. Tucker
Using Sorting by Reversal: Breakpoint Graph for Gene Assembly in Ciliates R. Brijder and H. J. Hoogeboom
Bayesian Median Regression for Temporal Gene Expression Data K. Yu, V. Vinciotti, X. Liu, and P. A. C. ‘t Hoen
Systems Biology

Minimal Direction Cuts in Metabolic Networks A. Larhlimi and A. Bockmayr
Modeling Evolution of Regulatory Networks in Artificial Organisms Y. Sánchez-Dehesa, G. Beslon, and J-M. Peña
Medical Informatics

Polarimetric images segmentation for lesion detection S. M. Djaouti, A. Koudache, and A. Boudaïeb
Studying channelopathies at the functional level using a system identification approach A. A. Faisal
Using Simple Molecular Orbital Calculations to Predict Disease: Fast DFT Methods Applied to Enzymes Implicated in PKU, Parkinson’s Disease and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder L. Hofto, M. Hofto, J. Cross, and M. Cafiero
Data Analysis

Efficient Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Data Using the Isotope Wavelet R. Hussong, A. Tholey, and A. Hildebrandt
Calculating Mean First Passage Times from Markov Models of Proteins C. H. Jensen, D. Nerukh, and R. C. Glen
Predicting Error Bars for QSAR Models T. Schroeter, A. Schwaighofer, S. Mika, A. Ter Laak, D. Suelzle, U. Ganzer, N. Heinrich, and K-R. Müller
Ab Initio Potential Grid Based Docking: From High Performance Computing to In Silico Screening M. R. de Jonge, H. M. Vinkers, J. H. van Lenthe, F. Daeyaert, I. J. Bush, H. J. J. van Dam, P. Sherwood, and M. F. Guest