Prof. Dr. Georg Lind

The Cross-Cultural Validity of the Moral Judgment Test (MJT)


The Moral Judgment

TestTypes of Moral


Patterns Indicating Low versus High

Dia 7

The Criteria: Three Universal Characteristics of Moral Judgment Behavior

Quasi-Simplex-Structure of Correlation Matrix (Kohlberg, 1958)

Kohlberg, 1958: Quasi-Simplex-StructureQuasi-simplex Structure (1)


Moral Attitudes in Five Countries

High Moral Ideals: Preference Hierarchy

Moral and Democratic Competencies:

Defining Moral Competences:A Modern Definition:

Affective-Cognitive Parallelism

Dia 23

Affective-Cognitive Parallelism

Affective-Cognitive Parallelism

Affective-Cognitive Parallelism

Moral Segmentation

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Dia 30

Dia 31

Dia 32

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Moral Judgment Competence

Moral Judgment Competence by Religiosity

Moal Judgment Competence and Religiosity

Moral Judgment Competence and Religiosity

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