Amartya Sen: The Idea of Justice

"There is a need for reasoned argument, with oneself and with others in dealing with conflicting claims, rather than of what can be called 'disengaged toleration'." (p. x)

"There can exist several distinct reasons of justice, each of which survives critical scrutiny, but yields divergent conclusions. Reasonable arguments in competing direction can amanate from people with diverse experiences and traditions, but they also come from within a given society, or for that matter, even from the very same person." (p. x)

"Reasoning is central to the understanding of justice even in a world which contains much 'unreson'; indeed, it may be particilarly important in such a world." (p. xiv)

Necessary is an "engagement in reasoning about a subject on which it is ... very difficult to speak." (p. 4)

Sustainability means "to preserve, and when possible expand the substantive freedoms and capabilities of people today without compromising the capability of future generations to have similar -- or more - freedom." (pp. 251-252)

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