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Invitation to the International Colloquium

What Does it Take to Educate Teacher-Trainers in the Field of Moral Competence?

Date, Location

Friday, June 30th, 2017, 14:00 - 19:00

at the University of Konstanz, Germany

Topic & Aim



In our schools we must give future generations more opportunities to use and develop their moral-democratic competence. The better their moral competence develops the better they can cope with the unavoidable and ever increasing challenges of a democratic way of life in a peaceful manner, through thinking and discussion instead of through violence and deceit. This serves not only themselves as individuals, but also their family, their school, and their society.

Today we know how we can design and provide proper learning opportunities for students of all ages (over 8) and in all cultures. The Konstanz Method of Dilemma-Discussion has shown to be highly effective. We also know how we can train moral competence teachers so they are able to design and conduct such learning events effectively and responsibly in schools, universities, prisons, and other institutions of education.

What is still missing are programs for educating teacher-trainers. What does it take to educate teacher-trainers on the field of moral competence? How should a masters-program for moral-democratic competence education (MDCE) look like? What institution could host such a program?

As a basis for discussion the participants will be provided with a draft by Georg Lind in advance.



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The deadline for registration is: May 15th, 2017


No fees. But you can make a donation for funding travel expenses of participants from very distant places. Please inquire.

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Please book accommodation as early as possible! (If necessary, cancel in time later.)

Konstanz is a beautiful city, surrounded by an inviting country-side (Lake of Constance, Swiss Alps, mediaeval monasteries and castles etc.), all easily accessible by public transportation (bus, train, ship). Switzerland, Austria, France, and Italy are nearby. See List of recommended hotels & maps.

Accommodation can be found through Konstanz Tourist Information and the university's hotel list.

Nearby Airports with train connection to Konstanz in hours: Zürich (1 hr), Basel (1,5 hr), Friedrichshafen (1 hr), Frankfurt (4 hrs), Munich (4 hrs.)

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All participants will have an opportunity to make a statement about the topic of the meeting. These statements do not need to be submitted in advance.

Most time will be allocated for discussion and consultation.

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