KMDD Workshop-Seminar by Georg Lind

Fostering Moral-Democratic Competence with the KMDD®

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February 2 - 5, 2016, daily from 9.30 to 17.00.

Deadline for portfolios: May 31, 2016. The sooner the better!


After registration on my site you will get the link to the pretest questionniare, which needs to be filled out before the workshop.

Please visit also the Workshop Program (<- click here. Access: user = "kmdd kurs", password = "kohlberg").

There you will find two tasks which have also to be done before the workshop begins.

Voices on the KMDD


Why should I attend a KMDD-Workshop-Seminar?

As we all have experienced, there is often a big gap between our moral ideals and our behavior. The ability needed to close this gap is called moral(-democratic) competence. Moral competence is defined as the ability to solve conflicts and problems on the basis of shared moral ideals or principles through thinking and discussion, instead of through violence, deceit, and force.

The KMDD is designed to help people to develop moral competence. KMDD-sessions are very versatile. They can be held with young and old people starting age 8, in all kinds of institutions of education and also as public cultural events. They can be used in ethics, religious, and political education but also in language, natural science, sports, arts classes. The KMDD has also been used successfully in professional and military training, and in resocialization programs for prisoners (see these references: http://www.uni-konstanz.de/ag-moral/moral/kmdd-references.htm).

In the KMDD-workshop-seminar you will learn how to prepare, convene, and self-evaluate KMDD-sessions. You will learn how to stimulate participants' moral-democratic competence effectively and responsibly. To voices of participants and students of the KMDD, see http://www.uni-konstanz.de/ag-moral/moral/KMDD_rueckmeldung_teilnehmer.htm.

If you complete all assignments you will be certified as "KMDD-Trainee". This allows you to use the registered trade-mark "KMDD - Konstanz Method of Dilemma Discussion"® for two years in order to get more practice with it. It allows allows you to sign up for a "on-the-job-training program" for getting certified as a "KMDD-Teacher".

Training & Certification as KMDD-Teacher  

In order become certified as "KMDD-Teacher," you need to attend a distant KMDD training & certification program. A valid KMDD-Teacher certificate allows you to use the KMDD® mark for advertising your service as a KMDD-Teacher.

In order to get the KMDd-Teacher® certificate you can apply for training & certification program within two years after date on which the KMDD-Trainee certificate is issued. On application you will receive a contract form and the KMDD-Training Manual. It is valid for two years. After re-certification, the certificate is valid life-long.




References on the Konstanz Method of Dilemma-Discussion (KMDD)®

Reports on various fields of application of the KMDD (mostly in German)

Voices of participants (mostly in German)

Media reports on the KMDD (mostly in German)


3rd edition


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Lind, G. (2008). Teaching Students to Speak Up and to Listen to Others: Cultivating moral democratic competencies. In: D. E. Lund & P. R. Carr, eds., Doing democracy and social justice in education: Political literacy for all students, pp. 319-335. New York: Peter Lang Publishing. PDF (password: kohlberg)

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