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I reserve the right to change any web page anytime.

International copyright and intellectual property right laws worldwide govern the making of photocopies and other reproductions of Prof . Dr. Georg Lind’s copyrighted material and the operating of the designs, images, graphic material, distinctive logos or markings etc. of which Prof. Dr. Georg Lind is the legitimate and exclusive holder of copyrights and operating rights.
Under no circumstances shall it be understood that user permissions entail a waiver, transfer of license or total or partial transfer of these rights by Prof. Dr. Georg Lind.
In this respect, it is forbidden to remove, elude or tamper with the "copyright" warning and any other data setting out Prof. Dr. Georg Lind’s rights or any other identification and/or information within the contents.
Users of Prof. Dr. Georg Lind’s legally protected material may not copy, modify, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, transfer or sell the abovementioned features, nor may they create new products and services derived from the information obtained, without express permission in writing from Prof. Dr. Georg Lind or, should this be the case, from the holder of the corresponding rights.
The use of the material is authorized only for personal, non-commercial purposes by users, and such usage cannot be extended to third parties or entities.

Physical Reprints (Paper Publishing)

If you want to publish a physical reprint that is printed on paper (for example, a printed book or brochure or a set of handouts for a course), then you have permission to do so for free only if it is a publication for a non-profit organization. Seeling printed copies of any parts of my web-site is illegal.

If it is a publication for a for-profit organization, then you have my permission only to reprint excerpts up to one physical page (DIN A4 or letter size) from this website. For longer reprints you must obtain a written permission from me. A licence fee may apply.

These physical reprints are permitted under the condition that you include the URL for each original Web article (or Web page) and the date of download.

It is not permitted to reproduce my articles online or in any other electronical form. Instead, you should place a link to the original pages on Avoid plaing links to other pages because these links may be subject to change.

Linking to

I permit other websites to link to my web-site.

Fair Use Quotes

Finally, the fair use clause obviously applies to this website: thus, if you are writing a review or commentary about, you are free to illustrate your review or commentary with one or more screenshots of the site without special permission.

Also, you can quote any of my published articles without special permission.

Even though there is no rule that requires this, it would be nice if any quote was supplemented by a link to the full article on so that any interested readers can retrieve the original context from which the quote was pulled.

Translation Rights

Translations are only allowed after obtaining a written permission by me. A licence fee may apply.