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Last update: June 27, 2018
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Moral-Democratic Competence

Symposia, Presentations, Workshop-Seminars, KMDD, and Discussion-Theater
since 1979*


Moral-democratic competence is the ability to solve dilemmas and conflicts on the basis of moral principles through deliberation and discussion, instead of through violence, deceit, or bowing down to others.


2018, November 28-30 / 2019 Febraury 11-13, Workshop-seminar "Fördern von Reden und Zuhören durch das Diskussions-Theater" (alias Förderung von Moral- und Demokratiekompetenz durch die KMDD), Landesmat für Schule und Bildung, Dresden.

2018, October 29 - November 2. Workshop-seminar "Fördern von Reden und Zuhören durch das Diskussions-Theater" (alias Förderung von Moral- und Demokratiekompetenz durch die KMDD), vhs Konstanz.

2018, June 20, 19:30. Diskussions-Theater "Reden & Zuhören" (Ansager: Kay Hemmerling), Stiftung Frauenkirche, Dresden. Anmeldung (Beispiel). Vorhang | Bild.

2018, June 7, Invited lecture: "Construction, Empathy and Co-Construction — The training of moral language ability as a basis for moral development", The FIPLV Nordic-Baltic Region (NBR) Conference 2018 “Teaching and Learning Languages in the 21st Century: Linguistic, Educational and Cultural AspectsVilnus, Lithuania.... more

2018, May 25, 19:30 Uhr, Diskussions-Theater "Reden & Zuhören",. Ansager: Kay Hemmerling. Domschule am Konstanzer Münster. Ort | Vorhang | Story

2018, May 22-26, Workshop-seminar "Fördern von Reden und Zuhören durch das Diskussions-Theater" (alias Förderung von Moral- und Demokratiekompetenz durch die KMDD), vhs Konstanz.

2018, March 22, Vortrag "Reden und Zuhören fördern", Rotary Club, Casino-Restaurant Villagio, Konstanz. Lektüre: Buch. Artikel.

2018, March 3. Diskussions-Theater "Reden & Zuhören", Ansager: Georg Lind. Frauenkirche, Dresden. Vorhang | Bild1 | Bild2 | Bild3 | Bild4 | Bild5 | Interview und Bericht in der Sächsischen Zeitung.

2018, February 15. "Meaning and measurement of moral competence." Invited lecture at the Santo Tomas University, Bogotá.

2018, February 13 -14."Moral competence ...". Invited lecture and workshop at the academic opening conference "Public Ethics", Rosario University, and at the Departmernt of Communication, Santo Tomas University, Bogotá.

2018, February, 12. Conversation on moral competence and education, with 11th grade students at the Colegio San Patricio, Bogotá.

2017, Dec. 1, "Moralerziehung als pädagogische Herausforderung: Die Konstanzer Methode der Dilemma-Diskussion (KMDD) ®" ... more

2017, Nov. 31, "Demokratie ist lehrbar". Diskussions-Theater, vhs Landkreis München Nord ... more

2017, Nov. 2, Diskussions-Theater "Reden & Zuhören", Ansager: Georg Lind. Frauenkirche Dresden.

2017, Sept. 28.-29, Conference "Moral Competence." Poznan, Poland. ...more

2017, Sept. 15, Summer school 2017 “Humanitas. The Humanities in the Contemporary World”, Cuneo, Italy. ... more

2017, Sept. 7, Diskussions-Theater "Reden & Zuhören", Frauenkirche, Dresden. Vorhang

2017, July 28-29. "Democracy, Morality, and Education" - A two-day workshop with three lectures by Dr. Georg Lind, University of California at Irvine, USA .... more

2017, June 21, Diskussions-Theater "Reden & Zuhören", Ansager: Georg Lind. Frauenkirche, Dresden. Vorhang

2016, Aug. 1-5. KMDD Workshop-Seminar in Konstanz.

2016, Aug. 1-5, 10th International Anniversary Symposium "Moral Competence: Speaking, Listening and Democracy" & KMDD Workshop-Seminar in Konstanz, Germany.

2016, Feb. 2-5. KMDD Workshop-seminar in Istanbul.

2015, July 28 - Aug. 1. Presentation at the 9th International Symposium on "Moral Competence: Early Childhood and Beyond" & KMDD Workshop-Seminar at the University of Education, Weingarten, Germany.

2015, July 6-10. "KMDD Workshop-seminar" at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou, VR China.

2015, July 9,. "Moral Competence -- Meaning, Measurement, and Education", School of Marxism, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou, VR China.

2016. "Moral development and education" (working title), invited lecture, 25th Anniversary Conference of the Polish Association of Developmental Psychology, Krakow. Slides

2015. "Was ist Moralkompetenz? Einblicke in die experimentelle Moralpsychologie". Eingeladener Vortrag im Kolloquium von Prof. Manfred Moldaschl, Zeppelin Universität, Friedrichshafen, 19.3.2015. Slides

2015. Annual Conference of the Association for Moral Education (AME), Santos, Brazil.
Presentation: Internal Definition But External Measurement of Moral Competence?, Slides
Workshop: The Moral Competence Test (MCT), Slides

2014. "The Five Sins of Moral Research." Invited presentation at the Graduate Program in Political Psychology, director Prof. Shawn Rosenberg, University of California at Irvine. Slides

2014. "Dr. Lind, why did you become interested in morality?" Invited conversation at Sierra Hall Housing, University of California at Irvine, Nov. 12, 2014. ... Video

2014. "Kohlberg's Dilemmas." Presentation at the AME conference, Pasadena, CA, USA, Nov. 6th, 2014. Slides

2014. "Learning Democracy." Public KMDD event with neighborhood councils, auxiliary judges (voluntary citizen-mediators), and interested citizens, hosted by the city of San Pedro, Mexico; organized by city council person Cristina Moreno. Sept. 24, 2014, 18:30 - 21:00 at Instituto Mater, Sand Pedro. ... pictures

2014. " 'Integribility': Moral Competence as a Basis of Academic Teaching and Learning." Invited lecture at the 2nd Congress for Academic Integrity, Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico, Sept 25 - 26, 2014.

2014. "Reden und Zuhören" -- erste öffentliche KMDD-Veranstaltung, veranstaltet von der Sächsischen Landeszentrale für politische Bildung in Dresden, mit 90 Teilnehmern, Aug. 21, 2014. More

2014. "Moral ist lehrbar". Donnerstagsgespräch in der Sächsischen Landeszentrale für politische Bildung in Dresden, Moderation Uwe-Eckart Böttger (Dresdeneins.tv), June 5, 2014. Video

2014. 8th International Symposium "Moral-Democratic Competence and Conflict Resolution" in Konstanz, July 31 - Aug. 1, 2014. ... more

2013. 7th International Symposium "Moral Competence and Behavior", July 25 - 26, 2013 ... Proceedings (revised).
Photos of the symposium, KMDD workshop-seminar, and book presentation "Educating Competencies for Democracy", edited by Ewa Nowak, Dawn Sheader & Boris Zizak. Frankfurt: Peter Lang (Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Moral Competence 2009). (behind code wall: ID= kmdd_kurs, pw=kohlberg).

2013. Presentation of the book "Educating Competencies for Democracy" (edited by Ewa Nowak, et al.), Festschrift für Prof. Dr. Georg Lind. Wolkensteinsaal Konstanz, July 25, 2013, 18.30 - 19.00 ... more

2012. "Die Konstanzer Methode der Dilemma-Diskussion in der Hochschulbildung", Vortrag von Georg Lind, Arbeitsstelle Hochschuldidaktik, Universität Konstanz, Okt. 2012.

2012. 6th International Symposium "Moral-democratic Competence and Global Democracy," and Workshop-Seminar. University Konstanz, July 23 - 27, 2012. ... more | video

2011. "On Moral Competence Research and Global Democracy." Invited lecture by Georg Lind, St. Francis College, Brooklyn (NY), conference "Toward a Global Psychology", April 13, 2011. YouTube Video.

2011. 5th International Symposium "Moral Competence and the Brain", July 21 - 22, 2011. Participants: Prof. Dr. Ewa Nowak (University of Poznan), Dr. Kristin Prehn (Free University of Berlin), Dr. Martin Bruder (University of Konstanz), Prof. Dr. Georg Lind (University of Konstanz), Kay Hemmerling (University of Leipzig), Prof. Dr. Roma Kriauciuniene (Vilnius University, Lithuania), Prof. Gyun Yeol Park (Gyeongsang National University, South Korea), et al. ... more

2010. "Moral Judgment Competence in Korea." by Prof. Gyun Yeol Park, Dep. of Ethics Education, Gyeongsang National University, Republic of Korea, presentation, University of Konstanz, November 8, 2010.

2010. "Moral Competence -- A 'New' Paradigm for Promoting Global Democracy and Peace." invited presentation by Georg Lind at the APA convention, in San Diego, August 2010 ... more

2010. 4th International Symposium Moral Competence: “Using the KMDD in Groups with Special Needs.” University of Konstanz, July 22 - 23, 2010.

2010. KMDD Workshop-Seminar in Konstanz, July 19 - 23, 2010 ... group picture

2009. 3rd International Symposium "Can morality be taught? Is it a competence?" in Konstanz, July 27 - 31, 2009 ... more

2008. "Bildung durch Moraldiskurse," Polish-German Colloquium, chaired by Prof. Ewa Nowak (Poznan) and Prof. Georg Lind (University of Konstanz), opening remarks by the Vice-Rector for Research Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rüdiger, 5.-9. Mai 2008. ... more

2008. "Reden & Zuhören". KMDD-Veranstaltung im Seniorenheim Rosenau, Konstanz. Plakat.

2007. "Ist Moral lehrbar? Die Konstanzer Moral- und Demokratiepsychologie gibt eine Antwort auf diese alte Frage". Presentation by Georg Lind at the academic farewell conference for Prof. Dr. Heinz Walter, University of Konstanz, 23. Oktober 2007. ... more

2007. "Moral Education, Democracy, and Religion" by Dr. Gordon Naylor, Nancy Campbell Collegiate Institut, London, Canada, presentation at the vhs Konstanz, 2.10.07. ... more

2007. KMDD Workshop-Seminar convened by the UNESCO Norte de Mexico, in Monterrey ... more

2006. "Demokratie und prosoziale Arbeitsmotive." Presentation by Georg Lind at the University of Innsbruck, Instiute of Psychology, Lehrstuhl Prof. Dr. W. Weber, July, 7, 2006 ... more

2006. "Ge-Wissen. Psychologisch-empirische Studien zur Beziehung zwischen Urteilen, Orientierungen und Verhalten." Presentation by Georg Lind, Faculty of Theology, University of Zürich, Florhofgasse 8, June 29, 2006. Information

2006. "Education for Social Justice." Presentation by Prof. William Ayers, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Education, University of Illinois, Chicago, June 26, 2006 ... more

2006, Jan 24. Eingeladener Vortrag: "Schmelztigel, Marktplatz oder Bildung? Ein Versuch über die Evolution einer europäischen Identität aus der Sicht der Moral- und Demokratiepsychologie" (Georg Lind), University of Konstanz, 24. Januar 2006 ... more

2006. Jahres-Treffen der deutschsprachigen Moralforscher [Annual meeting of German-speaking moral researchers],Konstanz, Januar 2006 ... more

2006. Medea. Regiseur Frank Asmus im Gespräch mit Georg Lind. Aufführung am Stadtheater Bregenz. Video

2005. "Demokratie und Kultur der Rechtlichkeit." Prof. Antanas Mockus, Ex-Ministerpräsident (Alcalde) des Districts von Bogotá, Kolumbien, at the Kulturzentrum Konstanz, May 31, 2005 ... more

2000, June 26. "Praxissemester - oder mehr Praxis im Semester? Zur Reform des Lehramtsstudiums in Baden-Württemberg." Rainer Dahlem, Vorsitzender der Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft Baden-Württemberg, June 26, University of Konstanz.

1998. "Moral Competence and Education," MOSAIC-Meeting. Konstanz, July 20 - 23, 1998. (2nd International Symposium on Moral Competence) ... picture | papers

1997. "Competitive Ethos and Moral Education - Contributions to the Psychology of the Classroom." Prof. Theresa Thorkildsen, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, July 1997, University of Konstanz, A702.

1984. MORALITY, COGNITION, EDUCATION. Konstanzer Werkstattgespräche zu Moral und Umwelt [Konstanz workshop on morality and environment] in collaboration with Forth MOSAIC Conference on Aspects of Morality, July 17 - 20, 1984. Program (1st International Symposium on Moral Competence)

Spring 1979. Symposium Moralische Entwicklung und soziale Umwelt.
Beiträge für ein Werkstattgespräch. [Moral development and the social environment.] With contributions by Bernd Rotheberger, Ulrich Siegmund, Fritz Oser, Paul Gmünder, Ulrich Fritzsche, Rainer Döbert, Georg Lind, Roland Wakenhut, Rainer Senger, Ekkehard Lippert, Ralf Briechle, Hans Brügelmann und Gerhard Portele; Topics: Moral development, Poverty, Religiosity, Military Services, Political Socialization, Segmentation of Moral Conscience, Civic Education, Schooling, Law Education, Morality and Science, Selection Processes, Moral Judgment Test]. University of Konstanz. Papers

* Not complete.