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Research Group "Logic in Philosophy"

Welcome to the homepage of the research group "Logic in Philosophy". We believe that logic ought to bear in mind the rest of philosophy, and vice versa. We apply this creed to a range of issues from epistemology, metaphysics, the philosophy of language, and the philosophy of mind.

Our headquarter is in Constance, where quite a few of us reside. We have branches in Regensburg, São Paulo, and Stuttgart. The group is financed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

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Complete list of Preprints

  • Manfred Kupffer: The Return of Rationalism
  • Wolfgang Spohn: Anmerkungen zum Begriff des Bewußtseins
  • Wolfgang Spohn: Ist Philosophie eine Wissenschaft?
  • Wolfgang Spohn: Enumerative Induction and Lawlikeness
  • Wolfgang Spohn: Causation: An Alternative
  • Wolfgang Spohn: On the Objectivity of Facts, Beliefs, and Values
  • Arthur Merin: Presuppositions, and Practical Reason
  • Leon Horsten: A Note Concerning the Notion of Satisfiability.
  • Leon Horsten: Canonical Notation Systems.
  • Arthur Merin: Unthinkable Syndromes: Paradoxa of Relevance and Constraints on Diagnostic Categories.
  • Arthur Merin: Replacing 'Horn Scales' by Act-Based Relevance Orderings to Keep Negation and Numerals Meaningful.
  • Arthur Merin: Probabilistic and Deterministic Presuppositions.
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Previous Workshops


Social Welfare and Inequality, July 3 and 4, University of Constance

Properties, Modality, and States of Affairs, January 24 and 25, 2003, University of Constance

Mental and Physical Reality: Discussions with Galen Strawson, October 24 and 25, 2002, University of Constance

"Possibilities, Contexts and Belief"—Zur Philosophie von Robert Stalnaker, April 18–20, 2002, University of Constance

Belief States: On the Structure of Doxastic Alternatives, February 16, 2001, University of Constance

Alvin Goldman’s Epistemology, November 10, 2000, University of Constance

Keith Lehrer’s Epistemology, June 16, 2000, University of Constance

Mini-Workshop "Logic in Philosophy", October 25, 1999, University of Constance

Proof Theoretic Semantics, January 17–19, 1999, University of Tübingen